Injured worker resources

Provider networks

High-quality care for the people that matter most

Medical care is critical part of recovering from a workplace injury, which is why our provider networks are at the heart of our workers compensation process. With a focus on high-quality, evidenced-based care, we partner with medical providers who can help injured workers recover and return to work safely and as soon as medically possible.  

Tools for improving results

Medical providers who share our commitment to innovation and improved return to work resources are the heart of our outcome-based networks (OBN). These high-performing providers focus on improving injured workers’ functional capacity and helping them recover. 

 These providers have been proven to: 

  • Use evidence-based treatment guidelines to recommend tests and procedures. 
  • Deliver appropriate medical care to employees for their work-related injuries. 
  • Help injured employees return to work in regular or modified working capacity as soon as they are able. 

Access and timely, appropriate treatment make a difference. That’s why our network is as broad as regulations allow, including every state but Oregon. We make it easy for you and your employees to find providers:

  • Search our network online.
  • Call 1-800-944-0443.

State-specific outcome-based network resources

Review the state-specific resources below to learn more about how our provider networks can help deliver better claims outcomes for your employees and your business.

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