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Risk Control

Defense is without a doubt the best offense. Rein in costs and gain peace of mind with our industry-leading expertise and resources.

Our Approach Reduces Your Cost of Risk 

Whether you work with our consultants or use our self-service tools, results start with a comprehensive view of your entire organization. From this, come targeted solutions that address the specific issues you face.

Three Ways Helmsman Does More

High-caliber, specialized expertise.

With a partner third-party administrator (TPA) who already knows the nuances of your business, you save time up front – and get a stronger, more robust program. That’s why all of our risk control and property engineering consultants are industry specialists with degrees and designations in engineering, safety, or risk control, as well as active players on various national safety committees.

Answers when you need them. 

We’re always here to help you assess risk, identify exposure, and take practical mitigation steps. 

  • Online: SafetyNet offers hundreds of technical safety materials, webinar recordings, and self-assessment tools.
  • By phone and email: Our experienced risk control consultants are available to help with practical guidance, problem solving and support for your safety program efforts. (Available via telephone or email).

Cutting-edge strategies.

The experts in our state-of-the-art labs are constantly helping us shape the strongest risk control programs.

This website is general in nature, and is provided as a courtesy to you.  Our risk control services are advisory only. We assume no responsibility for managing or controlling customer safety activities, implementing any recommended corrective measures, or identifying all potential hazards.