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General Liability

Depend on our experience and expertise to protect the brand, operations, and relationships you’ve worked so hard to build.

When you’re facing liability claims, there’s a lot at stake. With highly experienced, knowledgeable professionals and specialized teams that focus on everything from low-exposure to highly complex claims, we get results.

Delivering Claims Management with Impact

We empower our top-notch claims specialists to do what they do best — work toward getting the best results possible. Our success comes from our talented specialists that we support through real-time learning among tenured professionals, liability roundtables, and ongoing training. They get to know your business, operations, and industry in advance, so they can hit the ground running when you need them.

Proactive investigation.

We get to know every case from every angle. That means knowing your business and understanding your industry. We review contracts, interview witnesses, and collect data, photos, and other details to thoroughly investigate losses.

Comprehensive evaluation.

We invest the extra time and effort to apply the right resources to understand the exposure and assess the risk.  From researching risk transfer to studying relevant attorneys, judges, verdicts, and trends, we work to plan and execute on the best strategy.

Strategic negotiations.

We negotiate on your behalf and leverage research, strategy, and experience to negotiate each claim toward its best result.

Tailored communication.

Count on us to keep you informed along the way, so there’s never a surprise or unexpected change of direction.

5 Goals We Target to Achieve Better Outcomes

  • Goal 1: Dedicated, high-caliber claims specialists.
  • Goal 2: Superior ongoing training and development.
  • Goal 3: Best-in-class independent quality assurance program.
  • Goal 4: Deep knowledge of the industries and jurisdictions where your business operates.
  • Goal 5: Aligning the right counsel with the right case for the right reason.
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