Eberle Vivian in the Pacific Northwest

Eberle Vivian

TPA expertise and expanded reach in the Pacific Northwest

Adding geographic and industry-specific expertise

Eberle Vivian, Inc. is a respected third-party administrator (TPA) located in Kent, Washington. Focusing on offering services in the Pacific Northwest region–specifically in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska—Eberle Vivian adds a whole suite of complementary solutions, including expertise in aviation and public entities.

Moving forward together

Shared values

Like Helmsman, Eberle Vivian has a strong reputation for outstanding service. We both believe customers get the best solutions and service when we invest in and empower our employees. That’s why like Helmsman, Eberle Vivian prioritizes training and initiatives that lead to thoughtful, creative approaches.

The Helmsman edge

Eberle Vivian gains from Helmsman’s prowess, too. Customers will benefit from Helmsman’s expertise in areas like medical management, data analysis, and customer support.

Best-in-class service

Business will continue as usual and the claims and service teams will stay in place and continue to provide best-in-class service. Eberle Vivian will continue to operate under its name as the two entities share best practices, making the most of our joined capabilities, product options, similar customer profiles, and common values.

Client service login

Access our portal to view and manage your claims.

  • EDI billing instructions

    Through a partnership with Data Dimensions, Eberle Vivian can offer a more versatile and efficient bill submission process through a single point of entry. If you currently use Data Dimensions as your clearinghouse, no action is needed. If you use another vendor for your clearinghouse services, please contact them to ensure connectivity to Data Dimensions is already in place to route these claims using Eberle Vivian electronic payer ID, LS662.

    Clearing house provider: WorkCompEDI (WCEDI)

    Eberle Vivian Clearinghouse ID: LS662

    Bill Supporting Documentation: submit by fax to 253-854-6404

    If you are unable to generate an electronic claim, please contact Data Dimensions Support center at 1-800-297-6906 or email ddhelpdesk@datadimensions.com.

    Eberle Vivian greatly values its relationship with the health care provider community and remains committed to continually enhancing our service to you.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Karalee Tallman at 253-867-1788 or the office at 253-854-6323.

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Eberle Vivian

206 Railroad Ave N
Kent, WA 98032-4533

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Karen Reading

Managing Director, Sales
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Mark Siciliano

Managing Director, Service

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